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Thursday, 25 October 2012

e:mail from a friend

Hi Peter

how's it going? After i saw you i went to the plot and while i was on the plot digging up weeds someone came on my plot and stole my bag. I didn't hear or see them at all - and i was only a few feet away - how awful. My camera was in my bag - so i'm gutted about it.

I wondered when you left the allotment - did you put the chain on and lock it up? When i arrived the chain was over the gate but not locked so i presumed someone was already on the site. Also, who else did you see around the plot - anyone?

I only saw Kevin for a chat and then i saw Andy the site rep - but not another soul. And they didn't see anyone either.

Anyway i called the police and they logged it but it's unlikely i'll see any of my stuff again. So, on your travels if you see a black rucksack in the bushes or in a bin, please try and check it for me. My purse went too. My camera is a Leica - nice little camera. I'm gutted.

So - if you go to the plot - really take care of your stuff - there is a thief about who is very sly.

I'm going to go down later to continue to look to see if they dumped my flask and stuff, but i don't hold up much hope.

Take care when you're down there


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